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Epoxy coated steel tanks Balmoral Tanks’ efusion epoxy coated tanks represent the very latest developments in steel tank coating technology. This, in turn, has provided significant engineering and cost benefits to users across a range of applications since the early 2000s. 


efusion® is the brand name for Balmoral Tanks’ in-house steel panel epoxy coating. This fusion bonded epoxy treatment provides a highly resistant coating to the tank panels.

The benefits of epoxy coated steel tanks against more traditional tank coatings include higher durability to impact, lower cost manufacturing, lower carbon footprint and more efficient design principles.
Efusion is tested to similar stringent standards as glass coated steel and meets or exceeds the following internationally comparable coating requirements:
➠ISO 12944                        ➠EEA 7.24
➠WIS 4-25-01                   ➠EEA 7.25
➠ISO 28765:2008            ➠AWWA D103-09
➠EEA 7.20                         ➠WRAS

Balmoral efusion 1500 epoxy coated steel tanks are used in the most demanding and aggressive applications and are suitable for specialised coated steel tank applications such as anaerobic digester tank gas spaces. Efusion 1500 is also very well suited to operating in high temperature environments.

Tested to 1500V, the efusion 1500 coating delivers the highest level of durability and performance available in the storage tank market.


With value engineering at the heart of material selection, Balmoral Tanks’ efusion coating meets all necessary design life expectations. Key factors in achieving optimum product performance begin with the design and manufacturing process, running right through to installation. Retaining in-house control and quality in each of those critical areas is vital in ensuring consistent high levels of performance of any coated steel tank.

Balmoral’s efusion system, and its inherent performance properties, ensures the end user receives the best design life expectancy available. The company’s quality assurance standards and installation experience delivers a robust product that is more than capable of design life performance.



The term vitreous enamel comes from the word vitrification describing the transition of a substance into a glass. At typical vitreous enamel firing temperatures, usually in the range of 830-850°C, the coating reaches full mobility and viscosity.

During this period, interaction between the glass and steel accelerates, an interfacial adhesion layer is formed and synthesis of the two materials takes place.
Balmoral’s enamel system combines the strength of steel with the corrosion and scratch resistance of glass.

Compared to other spray application methods, which often use inorganic clays to suspend the particles in water, enamel powder coating provides the proven optimal purity. This technical advantage combined with Balmoral’s process represents a new level of excellence in glass fused to steel tanks and silos.


  • Balmoral’s enamel system provides optimum purity
  • Tough resilient coating
  • A composite with the strength and flexibility of steel
  • Chemically inactive coating and unaffected by UV light       
Balmoral GFS tanks
Balmoral's manufacturing process was designed to provide clients with a high performing, economical coating designed specifically for the containment of potable water and uncovered municipal wastewater tanks.

Balmoral GFS Premium
The Premiun option was developed to deliver heightened performance and long-term value to asset owners and users around the world in more demanding applications. 


Features and benefits