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In 1916, CST TM 
  took the leadership role in developing a solution for storing petroleum. The ultimate result was a bolted, chime panel tank design that API recognized 1929. Since then, CST has manufactured over 100,000 certified tanks and remains the preferred API-12B Certified tank manufacturer.


CST has inverted in continuously improving upon the non-standard aspects of the API-12B design by factory-coating the panels and developing additional gasket materials. By combining the basic API-12B design with other innovative design, CST can also provide expanded capacities and accommodate additional cover options.
  •   World’s first Certified API-12B Monogrammed Tank Manufacturer
  •   3 – 5 Week Lead Time From Order to Ship Date
  •   100 to 10,000 Barrel Capacities with Larger Non-Monogrammed Capacities Available Upon Request
  •   All crude oil storage tanks are completely coated inside and out with CST’s OptiBond™ coating process
  •   Excellent corrosion resistance and immersion performance
  •   Parts are packaged unassembled in compact kits, allowing economical shipping to any building site in the world
  •   Custom designs available to meet specific needs 
  •  Built strictly to API-12B standards and audited by API inspectors to ensure compliance
  •  Can be easily trucked to remote locations or disassembled, moved and reconstructed as necessary
  •  Requires less site preparation and is 1/3 of the space needed vs. other temporary storage needs
  •  EMR rate well below the industry average
  •  Custom designs available to meet specific needs 
  •  Durable Trico Bond EP® epoxy coating extends tank life and limits operating maintenance costs 
  •  Tanks are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility
  •  Modular design makes it easy to increase capacity or make any repairs




CST designs larger non-monogrammed capacity tanks that are not included in the API-12B standard but use the same configuration and construction style as the  monogrammed sizes.

Distributor of JAT Trading for CST API 12B Tanks